Thursday, November 09, 2006

Passport Visa? Check!

Just a quick update while I'm still recovering from the worst flu I've had in years!

Had to fly back to the States to get my fiancée visa paperwork all sorted out. These things really stress me out.

To qualify to join Andy I had to agree to follow these guidelines:

-you plan to marry or register a civil partnership within a reasonable time (usually six months)
-you plan to live together permanently after you are married or have registered a civil partnership
-you have met each other before
-there is somewhere for you and your dependants to live until you get married or register a civil partnership, and you will be able to live without help from public funds, and
-you and your dependants can be supported without working or claiming any help from public funds.

Simple enough.

But in compliance with UK visa application for husbands, wives and partners I had to fill out their
INF4 forms, send them $494 freaking bucks and send supplemental data.

You wouldn't believe how much crap I had to send them!
-Proof of my citizenship
-My birth certificate
-Proof of Andy's citizenship
-A copy of his passport or registration certificate that has been confirmed as a true copy
-My bank statements
-His bank statements
-Proof that he owns property
-Evidence that he lives in Scotland
-Letters/phone call records demonstrating that we've known each other for over a year
-A formal letter from Andy requesting my presence in the UK as his partner
-My actual passport

I was so worried that the British Consulate would find fault and wouldn't award me that visa. Then, that would mean I'd have to leave Britain and my man behind until who knew when.

All is good! I got it and soon I'll be flying back to my legal home to tackle everything else that's harried in my world. I can't wait till I get up in front of those Customs officers... that's right! Don't question me, fool! I'm allowed to be here now!

Next up: marriage!