Tuesday, June 13, 2006

World Cup Madness

It’s the sixth day of the World Cup brew-ha-ha-splth!!*! and we’ve only got 5 more weeks to go! Woo hoo!

God, it’s insane. I suppose I’m already sick of it. I’ll admit that technically, I may have watched, really watched…um…10 minutes cumulatively of all games combined. I did see the US team get spanked.
But the damn British television (particularly the ones controlled by English networks) had me exhausted a full week before the games actually started.

Would you believe that for WEEKS (not for 1 program or even a few days), Brit-a-vision has been airing shows like “Best goals made by players with mustaches”?!
I’m not kidding people!
Other segments have highlights like “best Afros on Caucasian players” only to be followed by “Best goals made by Caucasian players with Afros!”

How ridiculous is that?!
Listening to the BBC Radio Scotland on Friday showed me that quite a few people are pretty sick of it too. Two hours of bitching in various Scottish regional accents about how much they are so sick of hearing about the World Cup and how England is going to win again just as it did back in 1966.

So because of weird reasons that bore the hell out of me every time Andy tries to explain it to me, the Scots are not backing England, their colonizer, but rather Trinidad and Tabago. Why? Cause some Trini named Jason Scotland (can you believe that name??) plays for the local Perth team, St. Johnstone. That's his pic right here.

My opinion on the matter: As my Afro-Brazilian galpal, Raquel suggested—“Just watch the games for the hot men, running around and sweating.”
Well, I have stronger political views than that, people! I’m backing any black or brown team. Third World Solidarity, damnit!! So, like the rest of Scotland, I'll be cheering for T&T.
Besides, John Scotland is really cute.

Go Trinidad and Tabago!!
Get yo flag and wave it…Wine yo’ waist, man!


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